Rimless Sunglasses for women

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory – they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Rimless sunglasses are especially popular right now for their lightweight, stylish look. If you’re a woman searching for a new pair of rimless sunnies, you’re in luck. There are tons of options to suit different face shapes, styles, and budgets. Keep reading as I cover the benefits of rimless sunglasses, what to look for when shopping, and review my picks for the top women’s rimless sunglasses of 2023.

What are Rimless Sunglasses?

Rimless sunglasses do not have frames around the lenses. Instead, the lenses are connected to the arms by a thin wire or delicate studs. Some rimless styles have a barely-there bridge piece between lenses, while others have a completely frameless lens design.

Without the thick, bulky frames, rimless sunglasses are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. They offer an unobstructed view since there’s no frame in your field of vision. Rimless sunglasses also have a sleek, modern look and allow your natural facial features to shine.

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Benefits of Rimless Sunglasses for Women

  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
  • Stylish and contemporary look
  • Let your face be the focus
  • Unobstructed view
  • Lots of lens shape and tint options
  • Allows makeup to be seen clearly
  • Variety of temple styles to complement different face shapes
  • Easier storage in purses and bags vs. larger frames

What to Look for When Shopping

Lens Quality

Make sure your lenses offer 100% UV protection. Polarized lenses also reduce glare. High-index lenses are thinner and lighter. Look for scratch-resistant coatings.

Lens Shape

Cat-eye and oval lenses flatter most face shapes. Consider a low or high bridge. Larger lenses provide more coverage.

Temple Style

Skinny temples work well with round faces, while thick temples complement angular faces. Adjustable temples allow you to customize the fit.

Nose Pads

Pads keep rimless sunglasses secure and comfortable on your nose. Make sure they are adjustable or that the sunglasses come with different size pads.


Look for sturdy metals like titanium or stainless steel. Spring hinges add flexibility. Rubber temple tips create friction. Go for trusted brands with warranties.

Now that you know how to select the best pair of rimless sunglasses for your needs and style, let’s look at my top women’s picks for 2023:

Top 10 Rimless Sunglasses for Women

  1. Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses

These hexagonal-shaped sunglasses from Ray-Ban are a modern take on their classic rectangular styles. The flat lenses and thin metal frame have a sleek, contemporary look. Offered in a range of lens treatments to match different lighting conditions. Durable frame with adjustable rubber nose pads for a secure fit.

  1. Dior Absolutely D-Mo1 Sunglasses

A bestseller from Dior. The oval D-Mo1 lenses have an elegant cat-eye-inspired shape. Ultra-lightweight design with adjustable nose pads and tips. Scratch/smudge-resistant lenses. Polarized options available to reduce glare. Comes in a variety of frame and lens colors.

  1. Oakley Tin Can Carbon Rimless Sunglasses

Oakley is known for their innovative sport sunglasses. The Tin Can Carbon model has a wrap-around rimless design ideal for an active lifestyle. Features Oakley’s lightweight C-5 alloy metal frame with carbon fiber-like print. Plutonite lenses offer 100% UV protection and impact/scratch resistance.

  1. SOJOS Classic Aviator Rimless Sunglasses

A budget-friendly option, these SOJOS sunglasses have a classic aviator look – teardrop-shaped lenses and thin double bridges. Metal frame with silicone nose pads. Mirrored lens options. Includes a case and cleaning cloth.

  1. Gucci 55mm Rimless Sunglasses

Make a bold statement with these rimless sunglasses from Gucci. The oversized square lenses measure 55mm wide for maximum coverage. Ultra-slim steel frame with crystal-encrusted temples. 100% UV protection. Carry case included.

  1. Calvin Klein Rimless Geometric Sunglasses

Calvin Klein’s rimless sunglasses feature a cool geometric design – hexagonal lenses set in a futuristic-looking stainless steel frame. Non-slip silicone nose pads. Mirrored lens options add modern flair. Case included.

  1. Tory Burch T-Hexagonal Sunglasses

The hexagonal shape is on-trend. These Tory Burch sunglasses have stainless steel frames surrounding the distinctive hexagonal lenses. Sleek temples work well with straight or wavy hair. Adjustable rubber nose pads. Scratch-resistant lenses.

  1. Ray-Ban Erika Round Rimless Sunglasses

Another Ray-Ban favorite, this time with round lenses. The Erika has a thin rubberized frame and adjustable nose pads. Offered in polarized, gradient, or solid tinted lenses. Durable frames won’t bend out of shape. Carrying case included.

  1. Michael Kors Parker Cat-Eye Rimless Sunglasses

Get a retro-inspired look with these cat-eye rimless sunglasses. The Michael Kors Parker has a clear acetate frame and arms with Swarovski crystal detailing. Gradient lenses. Ideal for women with round or oval face shapes.

  1. Coach HC8160 Cateye Rimless Sunglasses

Make a style statement with these Cateye sunglasses from Coach. The transparent nylon frames are embedded with shimmery jewels. Gradient lenses and adjustable nose pads. Feminine cat-eye shape flatters most face shapes. Includes case.

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The Bottom Line

Rimless sunglasses are the perfect lightweight and stylish eyewear choice for women in 2023. When shopping for your next pair of rimless sunnies, consider the lens quality, shape, bridge style, durability, and comfort features. Look for trusted brands that offer warranty protection. Based on trends and top-rated options, Ray-Ban Hexagonal, Dior D-Mo1, Oakley Tin Can Carbon, and other models reviewed here are great choices for your new go-to pair of sunglasses. Protect your eyes while looking chic and fashionable in any of these rimless sunglasses styles!

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