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Harvey Specter, the slick and stylish lawyer played by Gabriel Macht on the hit TV show Suits, is well known for his impeccable fashion sense and sharp business attire. One of the signature elements of Specter’s look is his collection of designer sunglasses, which he uses to add an extra layer of coolness and confidence to his power suits. But what are the actual brands and models of sunglasses that Harvey Specter favours? Let’s take a closer look at the shades that help define Harvey’s iconic style.

Harvey’s Favorite High-End Brands

When it comes to accessories like watches and sunglasses, Harvey Specter sticks with upscale and exclusive brands that reflect his expensive tastes. Some of the brand names he has been spotted wearing on Suits include:

  • Tom Ford – As one of the top designers in menswear today, Tom Ford is a natural choice for style-conscious Harvey. He wears several of Ford’s sunglass styles.
  • Persol – A luxury Italian brand favoured by the likes of Steve McQueen and Marcello Mastroianni, Persol sunglasses add retro flair.
  • Oliver Peoples – Known for their top-quality frames and lenses, Oliver Peoples is a go-to for many celebrities.
  • Ray-Ban – Harvey Specter wears the iconic Wayfarer model by Ray-Ban, the company that invented the classic aviator look.
  • Tag Heuer – Harvey Specter mixes in Tag Heuer’s cutting-edge sports sunglasses when he wants to add an athletic vibe.

Popular Frame Styles

In addition to sticking with posh designer brands, Harvey Specter also repeatedly turns to certain frame styles to craft his overall sophisticated aura:


When he wants to exude gritty swagger, Harvey Specter often slips on aviator sunglasses. Their teardrop-shaped lenses and wire frames conjure up images of pilots and old-school movie stars. Harvey Specter likes the classic gold/brown gradient lens aviators from Ray-Ban in particular.


No sunglasses wardrobe is complete without a pair of Wayfarers, and Harvey Specter is no exception. These mid-20th-century icons have thick, angular frames that give off hip retro vibes. Harvey Specter looks right at home in the sleek black Wayfarer style.


Also known as the “Clubmaster” style, browline sunglasses have upper frames but no lower rim on the lenses. This creates a distinctive look popularized in the 50s and 60s. Harvey Specter opts for modernized updates of the browline style in tortoiseshell patterns and other colours.

Aviator-Wayfarer Hybrids

Some of Harvey’s coolest shades combine design aspects of both aviators and Wayfarers. These hybrids take the aviator’s teardrop lenses and fuse them with Wayfarer-esque chunky frames. The mix of styles gives Harvey Specter an intriguing look.

Specific Models Worn on the Show

Harvey’s personal collection of sunglasses contains dozens of styles, but a few favourites stand out that he wears repeatedly on Suits:

  • Tom Ford Henry: A classic aviator design made modern with its slim metal frames. Harvey Specter wears these in darker tints.
  • Tom Ford Marko: Bold, angular frames give these thick browline sunglasses a retro-futuristic look. Harvey Specter pairs them with power suits.
  • Oliver Peoples Victory: Featuring lenses in an oversized teardrop shape and thin wire frames, these specs are a favourite of Harvey’s.
  • Persol PO3048S: With flexible arrow-shaped temples and crystal blue polarized lenses, these Persols offer Harvey Specter an athletic vibe.
  • Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer: No sunglasses collection would be complete without these icons of style. Harvey Specter looks slick in the classic black colourway.

Why Sunglasses Matter to Harvey Specter

Beyond just being fashion accessories, Harvey’s sunglasses serve important practical and psychological purposes:

  • They protect his eyes from glare and UV radiation while cruising around NYC.
  • The tinted lenses allow Harvey Specter to intimidate and read people during intense negotiations.
  • Designer sunglasses convey power, and confidence, and reinforce his elite status.
  • Cool shades let Harvey Specter channel his inner Don Draper or Tom Cruise from Top Gun.
  • Much like his tailored suits, they help complete Harvey’s professional persona and polished image.

So while sunglasses look stylish on Harvey Specter, they also serve a deeper purpose by boosting his authority, enhancing his mystique, and acting as his suit of armour in the boardroom. His knowledge of the finest eyewear labels and designs allows Harvey Specter to always find the perfect pair for any situation.

The Psychology Behind Harvey’s Sunglass Addiction

As we’ve covered, suits’ Harvey Specter has amassed an impressive lineup of designer sunglasses that he incorporates seamlessly into his business attire. But besides being a fashion statement, Harvey’s ever-present shades also provide a psychological defence mechanism that serves his needs.

The Emotional Armor of Sunglasses

For Harvey, donning sunglasses enables him to detach and remain emotionally distant in situations that make him vulnerable. Their tinted lenses act like a barrier that makes it harder for others to “see” the real Harvey. He relates this to therapy:

“I open my heart, you get to see what’s inside. I don’t open at all, you just get to see the armor.”

Sunglasses are a key component of that symbolic armour protecting Harvey. They allow him to stay cool under pressure.

Intimidation and Anonymity

In tense face-offs and high-stakes meetings, Harvey Specter leverages his shades to intimidate and dominate through subtle psychological tactics.

The tinted lenses conceal his eyes, preventing opponents from reading his thoughts and intentions. This unnerves them while allowing Harvey Specter to observe their reactions unseen.

Wearing sunglasses also dehumanizes Harvey Specter somewhat, making him seem more anonymous and threatening. This gives him an advantage in adversarial situations.

Reinforcing His Personal Brand

The image of Harvey Specter in a sharp suit and sleek sunglasses is burned into every Suits fan’s mind. His consistent look is a big aspect of his personal branding.

The sunglasses bolster Harvey’s mystique as a powerful, unflappable attorney who can’t be rattled or manipulated. They complete his aura of otherworldy confidence and relentless control.

So ultimately Harvey’s sunglasses are much more than just a fashion choice. Their psychological properties have become intrinsic to his identity as a lawyer, making them his most relied-on non-verbal tool.

How to Get Harvey Specter’s Sunglasses Look

Harvey Specter’s sunglasses are central to his polished, professional appearance on Suits. As important wardrobe staples for his power suits, Harvey’s sunglasses project authority and enhance his cool aura.

While characters like Don Draper popularized the “sunglasses at night” look, Harvey Specter perfected integrating shades into his daytime business style. Follow these tips to emulate Harvey’s timeless accessorizing.

Stick With Iconic Styles

Harvey’s look sticks to classic, iconic frame styles that will never go out of fashion. Avoid trendy designs in favour of sophisticated models like Wayfarers, Clubmasters, Aviators, and Teashades. Timeless shapes in black, tortoiseshell, and gold metal finish all work.

Seek Out Luxury Big Names

Quality shades don’t come cheap. Invest in high-end designer brands known for expert craftsmanship. Labels like Persol, Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford, and Ray-Ban carry cultural cachet and add panache. Consider pieces with unique details like custom logos or hinge accents.

Complement Your Face Shape

Choose glasses that fit and frame your facial structure. Angular frames suit square jaws, while rounded faces pair better with circular lens shapes. If you have a long face, look for frames that add width. Try on lots of styles and pay attention to proportions.

Polarized Lenses are a Must

Upgrade to polarized lenses to reduce eye strain and glare. Polarization cuts reflections and enhances clarity. Grey, brown, and blue tinted lenses look sharp while also being practical. Match the tint darkness to your indoor vs. outdoor needs.

Wear Them Judiciously

Resist the urge to wear sunglasses all the time, especially indoors or at night. Only wear them when appropriate, like when driving or when working outside. Learn when it’s appropriate to remove your shades, like during conversations or when making connections. Master the dramatic “glasses on, glasses off” flourish.

The next time you shop for sunglasses, channel your inner Harvey Specter. Seek out that perfect merger of stylish and functional that makes his shades part of his personal signature. Elevate your business attire by investing in quality sunglasses.


Harvey Specter wear sunglasses collection is key to his elite sense of style. He uses iconic designer frames from Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Persol, and Oliver Peoples to craft his polished, powerful look. While Wayfarers, Aviators, Clubmasters, and other classics populate Harvey’s lineup, it’s his perfect pairing with tailored suits that really makes his shades shine.

Beyond fashion, Harvey’s ever-present sunglasses also represent a defence mechanism that enables him to remain detached and gain an advantage in combative situations. They add intimidation while also reinforcing Harvey’s unflappable, mysterious aura. Ultimately his mastery of accessorizing with quality eyewear contributes to his success and charm.

So next time you see Harvey Specter confidently sporting his trademark Tom Ford aviators or Persol browlines on Suits, remember there is great psychological depth behind the simple act of wearing sunglasses. They complete Harvey’s personal branding and armour him in the boardroom battles. And if you want to achieve that same effect, follow Harvey’s lead and invest in your own impressive pair of statement shades. They will elevate your professional presence.

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